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Antonia Michaelis (Author), Peer Martin (Author), Kathrin Schüler (Illustrator)


Borderland Days

The dream of a world without wars or fences
A two-week holiday on a tiny Greek island awaits Julia. The sea is blue, the nights are clear and starry. Everything seems perfect. But then Julia meets a boy with bandaged hands and realizes who he and the others living here in hiding are. Julia’s world is turned upside down. Because the sea is a grave, the nights are cold, and the village is a place where suspicion reigns. And there’s a border running straight through the water although no one can see it. A deadly border.

A touching love story with a topical political background and a sensitive and realistic portrayal of the refugee situation. The two authors have been nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award by the Youth Jury.

  • Recommended age: 15 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-8415-0469-2
  • Published: 09.12.2016
  • Pages: 464
  • Publisher: Oetinger Taschenbuch
© Oetinger / Joerg Schwalfenberg

Antonia Michaelis

Antonia Michaelis, born in 1979 in northern Germany, grew up in southern Germany, and was drawn to the wide world after graduating from high school. She worked in southern India, Nepal and Peru, among other places. She studied medicine in Greifswald and at the same time began writing stories for children and young people. For some years now she has been living as a freelance writer near the island...

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©Catherine Martin

Peer Martin

Peer Anders Martin was born in Hanover in 1968. After studying education and social science, he spent many years working with young people. His experiences and conversations with a Syrian friend finally prompted him to write his first novel, which took shape on many long walks along Baltic beaches, where he first told the story to his patient dog, Lola. He recently moved to Quebec with his wife, three...

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Kathrin Schüler

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