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Silja Lund (Author)


Die Liebe ist (k)eine Challenge

Glamourama - Love Is (Not) A Challenge

Hit or miss? Real or fake? Leonie in love, and in chaos.

Leonie (14) is completely obsessed with her YouTube channel, “Glamourama”. Being styled to within an inch of her life is the most important thing ever. So Niklas, the boy she fancies, would be the perfect match for her. He’s incredibly good looking - but, unfortunately, already has a girlfriend, namely the perfect Laura. Leonie is going to change this, though. She turns shy new boy Frederic into a stunning heartbreaker. Will Laura take the bait and dump Niklas? And who has Leonie really got her eye on? Does personality matter more than looks, when it comes down to it?

The rollercoaster of puberty combined with glamour, friendship dramas and relationship issues.
YouTube influencers - hot topic for pre-teens.
Book comes with its own YouTube song.

  • Recommended age: 11 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-8415-0639-9
  • Published: 08.05.2021
  • Pages: 200
  • Publisher: OTB