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Anne Ameling (Author), Julia Bierkandt (Illustrator)

Geschichten für jeden Wochentag

Ritterradau auf Burg Löwentatz

Seven Stories A Week - Mediaeval Mischief at Lionspaw Castle

Read-aloud Fun for Every Day of the Week The week has seven stories

Monday: mediaeval knights; Tuesday: dragons; next week: fun at the pony farm...

A new, innovative series concept that makes learning the days of the week child’s play. With recurring characters, one location and topics that children love. The series begins with two adventure-filled books, each featuring a perennial favourite: mediaeval knights and horses.

With a days-of-the-week wheel to colour in at the end of each book as a learning aid.

  • Recommended age: 4 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7707-0239-8
  • Published: 20.01.2020
  • Pages: 64
  • Illustrations: 60
  • Features: 60 illustrations, 60 colored
  • Publisher: Ellermann Verlag
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Anne Ameling

Anne Ameling was born in 1976 and studied history, English and Romance languages in Cologne, where she still lives today. She has worked in the marketing and sales department of a publishing house in Cologne and today works as a freelance editor and author.

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Julia Bierkandt

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