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Anna Böhm (Author), Imke Sönnichsen (Illustrator)

Fritz und Frieda

Ein Frischling kommt selten allein

Fritz and Frieda - You’re Not Alone.

Can you help me find my way home?

Young boar Fritz goes out for a walk in the woods with his parents and younger siblings. When he’s briefly distracted, he loses sight of Mum and Dad - and before he knows it, he’s lost! Fortunately he encounters fox-cub Frieda who wants to help him. Unfortunately, Frieda hurts her leg while she’s looking for his parents. But together they are bound to find the Wild Boar family - aren’t they?

First picture book by acclaimed Unipig author Anna Böhm.
Age-appropriate topic of “getting lost”.
Two protagonists who defy all the stereotypical roles.

  • Recommended age: 4 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7512-0016-5
  • Published: 06.02.2021
  • Pages: 32
  • Publisher: Oetinger
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Anna Böhm

Anna Böhm started out working with the Berliner Ensemble, studied scriptwriting at the Filmakademie BW and has since worked as an author. She has written several radio plays and children’s stories for Deutschlandradio Kultur. In 2016, she came third in the children’s radio play awards at Leipzig Book Festival with Unipig. Böhm lives with her two daughters in Berlin.

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Imke Sönnichsen

Imke Sönnichsen was born in Schleswig-Holstein in 1970, studied graphic design and illustration in London and Mainz and since 1999 has illustrated numerous children’s books, which have been translated into several languages. She has received multiple awards for her work, also from the Book Art Foundation Stiftung Buchkunst. Imke Sönnichsen lives with her family in Aachen.

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