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Petra Maria Schmitt (Author), Christoph Schöne (Illustrator)

Finn - Der Überfall der Wikinger

Finn - The Viking Raid

Fleet Finn is over the moon. Now that he has trounced Rotten Carl, he can be a proper Viking and not just the kitchen hand on board Sigarr, the Victor’s ship. But Finn and the Vikings now need to get their juicy spoils to safety. And Rotten Carl wouldn’t be Rotten Carl if he didn’t make life very difficult for Sigarr’s people …

  • Recommended age: 3 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7707-4232-5
  • Published: 01.08.2010
  • Pages: 24
  • Publisher: ellermann

Petra Maria Schmitt

Petra Maria Schmitt was born in Alsdorf near Aachen in 1959 and studied social education in Cologne. Inspired by her three children, she started writing stories and is now a successful author. She writes not only books but also stories for radio and television.

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©Hannes Magerstädt

Christoph Schöne

Christoph Schöne was born in Munich in 1967. He trained as a florist and has been a freelance illustrator and comic-strip artist since 1997. In addition to advertising illustrations and his film work for the big and small screen, he has also created cartoons for the Internet.

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