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Florian Sprater (Author), Natasa Kaiser (Illustrator)

FamilyFlow. Kleine Yoga-Pausen

30 Vorlesekarten zum Bewegen und Entspannen für Kinder

Family Flow. Little Yoga Breaks - 30 Read Aloud Cards to Get Children Moving and Relaxed

30 fabulous cards to bring yoga into the nursery. Unlike traditional yoga classes, yoga for children takes a playful, undogmatic, creative and free approach - as imparted by children’s yoga teacher Florian Sprater. Each card demonstrates a yoga exercise by means of an animal illustration. A read-aloud story with an introduction offers children a direct, spontaneous way into yoga, and inspires them to try it out for themselves.

- Playful way into yoga for children, families, or children’s groups.

- With exercises suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to advanced yogists.

- Picture cards make yoga instantly accessible.

  • Recommended age: 3 +
  • EAN: 4260688740223
  • Published: 07.08.2021
  • Pages: 32
  • Illustrations: 32
  • Features: 32 illustrations
  • Publisher: ellermann
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Florian Sprater

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Natasa Kaiser

Nataša Kaiser was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1972 and has lived there most of her life. Thanks to her nursery school teacher, who first noticed her talent for drawing and always had a stack of white paper and fresh PLAKA paints for her to use, she was still very young when she decided she wanted to become an artist. She made a detour by first studying graphic design but finally returned to her original...

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