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Anne Scheller (Author), Timo Müller-Wegner (Illustrator), Stefanie Wegner (Illustrator)

Escape School

Das Zauberbuch

Escape School - The Magic Book

Improve your reading with this thrilling escape adventure.

Spooky things are happening at the Escape School since a banned magic spell has conjured up a pack of horrid hobgoblins. They cause complete chaos throughout the entire school and put the pupils in grave danger. Only by solving the tricky puzzles can emerging readers conquer evil.

Innovative way to encourage children to read: making them become part of the story.
Plugs into the long-standing “Escape/Exit Game” trend.
Includes numerous puzzles and a bonus poster

Sample Translation available here!

  • Recommended age: 7 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7512-0039-4
  • Published: 09.01.2021
  • Pages: 72
  • Features: 30 colored
  • Publisher: Verlag Friedrich Oetinger

  • Rights sold:


Timo Müller-Wegner

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