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Anne Scheller (Author), Stefanie Wegner (Illustrator), Timo Müller-Wegner (Illustrator)

Escape School. Der Schrumpf-Kristall

Escape School - The Shrunken Crystal

Everything is all perfectly normal in the boarding school, even if the old castle-like building does look a bit spooky. But then a pupil disappears without trace and, together with Tom and Anni, the reader has to try to find her. When, to make matters worse, Tom is suddenly shrunk, the “detectives” realise that time is running out! A thrilling escape story packed with puzzles to grip bigger kids, too.

- Mega “Escape & Exit Game” trend - now available for primary school-aged readers.

- For fans of the “Drei ???”-Kids - with a touch of magic.

- Ideal gift to encourage children to practise reading.

  • Recommended age: 7 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7512-0098-1
  • Published: 10.07.2021
  • Pages: 72
  • Features: 30 colored
  • Publisher: Oetinger

Stefanie Wegner

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Timo Müller-Wegner

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