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Michael König (Author)

Escape Room for Family

Abenteuer in der eigenen Wohnung

Escape Room for Families - Adventures in Your Own Home

Adventure's Coming Home!

Turn your home into an Escape Room - with a whole host of challenges in all the different rooms! In the game, players are shut in and the doors are secured by a combination lock.

Your mission is to work together as a family to escape from the 'room'. Now things become exciting: you'll need to rack your brains, work things out, search for things - because you can only escape once you've found the right code. The puzzles are true brain-teasers; however, there's fun to be had as well. Ever heard of the Tickling Challenge or the Food Pairing Contest? No? Well, you will do now!

– The first family book that transforms your own four walls into an Escape Room!
– Quality Time: this book is great fun, offers endless opportunities for family bonding, and promotes creativity, deductive skills and empathy.
– This interactive book leads participants step by step through the game, offering useful tips along the way. If you get really stuck, the solutions are at the end, too!

  • Recommended age: 6 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-96846-003-1
  • Published: 22.06.2020
  • Pages: 104
  • Publisher: Migo Verlag