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Anna Böhm (Text), Susanne Göhlich (Illustration)

Emmi & Einschwein. Fröhliche Schweinachten!

Lesestarter. 2. Lesestufe

Emmi and the Unipig - Merry Pigmas!

Christmas excitement is mounting for Emmi and the Unipig. And the Unipig has one particular wish: for the family to stage a Nativity play. But it’s not quite that straightforward, as there aren’t enough actors - meaning that the other quirky Mythotures in the neighbourhood have to take on the roles of Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the Three Wise Men. Chaos is the obvious result - but Emmi uses all her creative powers to put together a fantastic and highly modern Nativity play.

- A Nativity with a twist: learn to read with Emmi and the Unipig.

- 120,000 copies of the Unipig stories sold to date.

  • Recommended age: 7 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7512-0087-5
  • Published: 09.09.2021
  • Pages: 64
  • Illustrations: 60
  • Features: 60 illustrations
  • Publisher: Oetinger
©Max Zerrahn

Anna Böhm

Anna Böhm started out working with the Berliner Ensemble, studied scriptwriting at the Filmakademie BW and has since worked as an author. She has written several radio plays and children’s stories for Deutschlandradio Kultur. In 2016, she came third in the children’s radio play awards at Leipzig Book Festival with Unipig. Böhm lives with her two daughters in Berlin.

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Copyright Birgitta Kowsky

Susanne Göhlich

Susanne Göhlich was born in Jena in 1972. She began drawing while studying art history in Leipzig and has never looked back. She works for various publishers of children’s and school books, designs posters and does illustrations for magazines. Susanne Göhlich lives with her son in Leipzig.

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