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Felix Treder (Text von)

Echt jetzt?! 99 bescheuerte Lügen über Jungs, die du nicht glauben solltest

You’re Joking?! 99 Complete and Utter Untruths About Boys

A lot of nonsense is talked about boys. That they don’t cry, for example. Or that they need to have a beard, a deep voice and a six-pack in order to be real men. All lies! It’s time to dig around and discover the truth. Felix Treder’s book gives us the most important facts, a whole host of surprises, and some real eye-openers. There’s nothing cringe or boring about this book: it’s funny, packed with cool pictures, and deals with all the issues faced by boys aged 11+.

  • For everyone who wants to know more about boys - snappy, cool, entertaining.
  • Amusingly and clearly written: ditches dusty old taboos.
  • Topics developed in collaboration with the target readership.

  • Recommended age: 11 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7513-0043-8
  • Published: 10.05.2022
  • Length: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Dressler
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Felix Treder

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