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Eva Dax (Text von), Sabine Dully (Illustriert von)

Du bist so schrecklich schön!

You Are Oh So Horribly Handsome!

Monsterly marvellous! The loveliest, smelliest feet in the world!

Gregor is a little monster. He’s terribly strong, dreadfully loud and awfully fast. But is he also a pretty monster? Gregor sets off to ask his mummy, his daddy and all the other monsters, who love him. They all give Gregor cuddles and kisses – because doesn’t he just have the podgiest tummy, the scaliest skin and the smelliest, cheesiest feet you could wish for?

A story about being loved and being just right that turns conventional beauty ideals upside down!

  • Recommended age: 4 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7891-3392-3
  • Published: 17.07.2015
  • Length: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Oetinger

  • Rights sold:

    El Salvador
Text von
©Nicola Mesken

Eva Dax

Eva Dax studied literary science and journalism and worked for radio and television before becoming what she is today, a consultant and editor at SWR radio.

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Illustriert von
©Nicola Mesken

Sabine Dully

Sabine Dully has a degree in communication design and has been working in children’s television for several years.

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