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Andrea Schütze (Author), Carola Sieverding (Illustrator)

Die wilden Waldhelden. Helfer gegen Heimweh

The Wild Woodland Heroes 1: Four Friends Banish Homesickness

Four-legged friends to the rescue : The new comfort commando for nursery school kids is ready for action!

Rustling sounds and the crackling of twigs fill these woods, and they hold a secret - four heroic young animals with big hearts and soft, fluffy fur are always at the ready to soothe away the big and small cares of nursery school children.

The very first mission for the animal rescue commando: Little Diego doesn’t like going to the new woodland nursery school and feels very homesick. What a good thing the young animals Rufus, Poppy, Mikkel and Flora are there to make him a woodland calendar that has a present for him every half-hour.

English sample translation available here!

  • Recommended age: 4 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7707-0221-3
  • Published: 20.01.2020
  • Pages: 96
  • Illustrations: 70
  • Features: 70 illustrations
  • Publisher: ellermann

  • Rights sold:

    Czech Republic
© DRESSLER / Joerg Schwalfenberg

Andrea Schütze

Andrea Schütze was born in 1970 and tried her hand at almost every hobby you can think of. At some point, she stuck with reading and that is why she loves writing books so much. She lives at the southernmost tip of Germany. There’s a very special spot there, where you can stand in France, Germany and Switzerland all at the same time – but only if you have three legs!

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Carola Sieverding

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