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Die Olchis im Land der Drachen

The Ogglies in the Land of Dragons

Erhard Dietl (Written by, Illustrated by)

  • Strong topic: dragons
  • Manageable scope for readers who are not yet proficient.
  • The Olchis are real children's favourites

Helene, a friend of Professor Brausewein, lives on a coral island far away in the ocean. She researches dragons in a hidden mine. But now two of her protégés are causing her trouble, and she asks the professor for help. Brausewein and the Oggli children rush to Helene in the time machine. Why has little Albert barricaded himself in Helene's laboratory, and what is he doing there? And why has Drago suddenly become so angry and won't let anyone near the laboratory? A difficult case for the Ogglies and Brausewein! But who knows, maybe in the end they will be allowed to take one of Helene's little dragons back to Schmuddelfing as a reward?

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Age 6+

Product details

  • ISBN: 978-3-7512-0420-0
  • Published: 09.02.2024
  • Length: 112 pages
  • Publisher: Oetinger


Written by, Illustrated by

Erhard Dietl
©Sonja Och

Erhard Dietl

Erhard Dietl was born in Regensburg in 1953 and studied art at the Kunstakademie in Munich. The author and illustrator holds various awards, including the North Rhine-Westphalian Children’s Book Prize and that of the Stiftung Buchkunst.

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