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Kirsten Boie (Author), Barbara Scholz (Illustrator)

Der kleine Ritter Trenk

Trenk the Little Knight\x0D\x0A

Off to new reading adventures! With a pinch of knight’s fortune and dragon courage Born a serf, died a serf, serf a life long – yes, that’s pretty much the way it is! But isn’t it terribly unfair that all peasants belong to their knight and not even a tiny little bit to themselves? Peasant boy Trenk certainly thinks so. He wants to have a better life than his father who is yet again up for another beating at the castle. And so Trenk sets out for the city with his piglet on a tether to find his fortune. But finding his fortune turns out not to be as simple as Trenk expected – it’s a good thing he keeps on making friends along the way who are happy to help him. And who would have thought that the little knight Trenk of Thousanddub would end up taking on the dangerous dragon? A book the whole family will love – to read aloud or to yourself. In large, read-aloud format, an elaborate edition with marker ribbons and cloth cover – and over 200 colour pictures by Barbara Scholz!

  • Recommended age: 6 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7891-3163-9
  • Published: 01.08.2006
  • Pages: 280
  • Publisher: Verlag Friedrich Oetinger

  • Rights sold:

©Indra Ohlemütz

Kirsten Boie

Kirsten Boie, one of Germany’s best-known authors of modern children’s and young people’s novels, was born in Hamburg in 1950. Her years at school and university were also spent in Hamburg, with the exception of her year at Southampton University in England on an International Scholarship from Hamburg University. As a student, she earned her living working as an assistant at the library of the Literary...

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Barbara Scholz

Barbara Scholz was born in Herford in 1969. After training as an originator, she studied design and has since made a name for herself as an illustrator of children’s books.

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