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Jasmin Schaudinn (Author), Carola Sieverding (Illustrator), Nima Kellner (Illustrator)

Der kleine Fuchs liest vor. Die Dinos sind los!

Little Fox Reads Aloud - Dinosaurs Ahoy!

A read-aloud treasury for little dinosaur fans: adventures with T Rex & Co.

Snuggle up with Little Fox on the sofa in his cave while he reads out loud. This time it’s the turn of the dinosaurs, the biggest creatures loved by the smallest humans, to feature in a collection of exciting stories. Three young dinosaurs become embroiled in a thrilling adventure with the terrifying T-Rex. Kindergarten friends play with their toy dinosaurs. And older fans even start their own dinosaur fan club. Extinct? Not likely! Long live the dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs - enduringly popular with all pre-school children
Child-friendly, entertaining stories with great dinosaur illustrations.
Stories rather than facts - a USP in this field.

  • Recommended age: 3 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7514-0006-0
  • Published: 06.02.2021
  • Pages: 64
  • Illustrations: 30
  • Features: 30 illustrations, 30 colored
  • Publisher: ellermann

Jasmin Schaudinn

Jasmin Schaudinn started writing stories and giving them to her parents and friends while still at school. Before starting on a new book, she suspends a washing line across her tiny office on which she then hangs up all the things that inspire her, from newspaper articles to key rings. She lives with her family, three hens and a dog on the edge of Wuppertal.

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Carola Sieverding

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