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Lisa-Marie Dickreiter (Author), Andreas Götz (Author), Nikolai Renger (Illustrator)

Berti und seine Brüder 1. Die Schokoladenkugel des Bösen

Vol. 1

Berti and his Brothers - The Chocolate Ball of Evil

Berti comes in like a wrecking ball!

Sibling fun somewhere between the Herdmanns and Troublemaker Street: Life really isn’t easy for five-year-old Berti. He has not one, but three big brothers – and all of them are at least twice as old as him! So it’s no wonder they only ever see him as the baby who’s never allowed to join in their games. After all, as superheroes, they are constantly busy saving the world every day. It’s just a pity that their heroic deeds always land them in such a mess that they have to be saved themselves – by Berti, of all people!

- Superheroes are a top topic at the moment and here it’s spiced with plenty of humour and a host of hilarious illustrations, so just right for the young target group
- Ideal for reading aloud: a book brimming with mischief that will have parents and children in stitches

English sample translation available here!

  • Recommended age: 5 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7891-0977-5
  • Published: 19.08.2019
  • Pages: 160
  • Illustrations: 70
  • Features: 70 illustrations, 70 colored
  • Publisher: Oetinger
©Frederik Walker

Lisa-Marie Dickreiter

Lisa-Marie Dickreiter was born in 1978 and studied at the Film Academy in Baden-Württemberg, where she chose screenplay writing as her main subject. In 2010, she published her first novel, On Breathing Under Water, an impressive work in which she translates the “work of mourning” into moving prose. "An extraordinary and uplifting debut,” as ZEIT describes it. With Winfried Oelsner, Lisa-Marie...

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© Lisa Dickreiter

Andreas Götz

Andreas Götz was born in 1965, studied German and now lives and works as a freelance author near Munich. He has also worked as a journalist and translator as well as writing audio plays for a number of radio stations.

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Nikolai Renger

Nikolai Renger was born in Karlsruhe and studied visual communications at Pforzheim University’s School of Design. Renger works as a freelance illustrator for various publishing companies and agencies.

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