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Benjamin Tienti (Author), Sebastian Kiefer (Author), Stephan Pricken (Illustrator)

Auf dem Gipfel wachsen Chinanudeln 1

Vol. 1

Mountains of Chinese Noodles

There’s aways something weird afoot! The neighbourhood kids are hot on the trail

Elmo is eleven, lives in Berlin-Neukölln, and is a detective. His cases are a welcome diversion from normal life: things haven’t been the same since his big brother died. When Elmo meets super-sassy gamer Tuna, they set out to hunt for the ‘master melody’ in the notorious online game MELOdiy. There’s a big reward for whoever finds it first. But Elmo and Tuna aren’t the only ones trying to find it. Thus a harmless case turns into a huge, crazy adventure.

“Mountains of Chinese Noodles” is Benjamin Tienti’s third novel for children aged 10+, and the first one co-written with his punk band colleague Sebastian Kiefer.

Edgy but warm-hearted: a detective story for kids combined with a cool gaming challenge.
For fans of “Rico and Oscar” (Andreas Steinhöfel).
Tienti’s uniquely honest, raw, warm narrative voice has won high praise.

Long summary and sample translation available here!

  • Recommended age: 9 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7513-0005-6
  • Published: 08.02.2022
  • Pages: 240
  • Features: 20 B/W
  • Publisher: Dressler
©Nils Bucher

Benjamin Tienti

Benjamin Tienti was born in Esslingen in 1981. While working as a social worker in group homes for young adults and in schools, he published short stories under a pen name. The author now lives in Berlin and, alongside his writing, works at a school in the city’s Neukölln district.

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Sebastian Kiefer

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Stephan Pricken

Stephan Pricken was born in Moers in 1972 and originally studied at the Münster Art Academy to be a primary school teacher but after his first state exam switched to the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, where he studied design, making illustration his main subject. He has been a freelance illustrator and member of the Hafenstraße group in Münster since 2004. For more on Stephan Pricken,...

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