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Lina Mallon (Text von)

30 Women

Von Girlpower, starken Frauen, schwachen Momenten und der Reise zu dir selbst

30 Women - On Girl Power, Strong Women, Weak Moments, and Finding Yourself

How I became the woman I am now.

In her latest book, Lina Mallon writes about the female friends and other women who have affected her life. With great frankness and openness, she describes real support, unexpected opposition, friendship disappointments, the strength of Girl Power, and the dilemma in which women of all ages can find themselves: meeting the expectations of society whilst fulfilling their own dreams and desires. Our greatest challenge is not to lose ourselves at this point but to find our own way as women. Above all, Mallon emphasises the importance of women mutually supporting one another, being honest with one another, and even being able to criticise one another in a positive way so that they can grow together rather than competing with one another.

30 stories about 30 women - for all young women who are on the journey of their lives!

  • Recommended age: 14 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-96976-012-3
  • Published: 10.05.2022
  • Length: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Moon Notes
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Lina Mallon

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