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Coolman and Me

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Über Rüdiger Bertram
Über Heribert Schulmeyer

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Rüdiger Bertram

Coolman and Me

Let's go to the zoo!
Text von Rüdiger Bertram
Einband und farbige Illustrationen von Heribert Schulmeyer

The first book in the cult series for beginning readers as an interactive e-book, enriched with animations and sound effects. Read for yourself or have Colin Solman read the story for you. One further option is to highlight every word individually when read out, which supports the understanding of how to read.

Reading fun with COOLMAN! Kay is six years old and he longs to own a pet. That's why COOLMAN, his invisible friend, takes him along to the zoo: they are sure to find an animal there that they can take home! But the elephant is too big, the lion is too dangerous and the flamingos are to pink. But does Kay really need a pet if he has COOLMAN?

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